Project owners, or as contractually known as “employers”, are one of the most critical stakeholders that need to be managed to ensure their continued support for the project. Failing to address and resolve complaints that they might raise could lead to drastic impacts that could directly impact the project objectives. This requires having a formal process for managing and resolving all employer complaints.

Using a project management information system (PMIS) like PMWeb helps in enforcing a formal process for monitoring and tracking employer complaints and ensures that it is part of the project’s performance dashboard. PMWeb custom form builder allows the creation of the form that the employer can use directly to file a complaint or used by the project team to capture and manage those complaints. The form details how, when and the method the complaint gets received as well as the details of the complaint. The form also includes fields to capture the immediate actions to be taken to address the complaint and by whom and when the investigation results of what has caused the complaint and the measures to be taken to prevent the recurrence of those causes.

PMWeb 7 Schedules Forms Employer Complaint 

The attachment tab for the Employer Complaint form allows attaching the complaint letter or email sent by the employer as well as attaching documents and linking PMWeb records that have a relation to the raised complaint. Similar to all other project documents, those documents stay stored in the PMWeb document management repository.

PMWeb 7 Forms Inspections Progress Observation Level 01

The Employer Complaint form workflow ensures that the complaint is distributed to the right project team members. The final approval of the workflow process will be assigned to the project executive or some other senior company executive who will be the only authorized individual to close the complaint.

PMWeb 7 Forms RFIs 004 Conflict 

The Employer Complaint Report maintains a real-time register of all complaints raised on the project showing the details captured in the Employer Complaint form. The form has visuals to show the status of all Employer Complaints, employer complaints by bid package, and the average time taken to close those complaints.

PMWeb 7 Employer Complaints Report


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