Project Management Information System (PMIS) like PMWeb are the solutions that are best suited to capture the details of the different project management processes needed to deliver a capital project. This data provides the real-time information needed to monitor and evaluate the project’s financial, schedule, quality, safety, communication, risk among other aspects of performance status. Nevertheless, one cannot undermine the importance of having the project team’s personal opinion on the project’s performance and what needs to be changed to ensure successful project’s delivery.

Because of the sensitivity and confidentiality of the project team members’ feedback, this information cannot be captured or communicated using general survey applications. Therefore, using PMWeb custom form builder, a feedback form gets created for which the project team members use to provide their monthly input. There will be no need to assign a workflow for the form as the main intention is to capture this data in a structured and complete format. The feedback form queries could be customized to meet each organization objectives. It should not be lengthy or complicated to fill. Dropdown lists for common answers and scoring are highly recommended.

PMWeb 7 Schedules Forms Team Member Feedback

The information captured in those feedback forms provides the project’s leadership team with the personal perspective that most progress reports and dashboards nowadays lack. It allows management to have clarity on their project team morale as this has a direct impact on the project’s success. In addition, the survey helps management to hear direct from the project team on events or actions that caused frustration and how to avoid repeating them. In brief, the feedback survey helps to promote the best practice of “voice of the project team”.

PMWeb 7 Project Team Feedback Analysis


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