The article “Traffic Light Performance Reporting for Capital Projects” detailed how PMWeb is used to report on six key performance indicators (KPIs) to assess the seventh KPI being the overall Project Performance Index (PPI). The six KPIs were the Lost Time Injury Frequency Rates (LTIFR), Budget Performance Index (BPI), Cost Predictability Index, Project Completion Date, Pending NCRs, and Pending Issues. These KPIs are important for building the Monthly Capital Project Performance Dashboard.

Those KPIs are usually calculated from the robust, reliable, relevant, auditable, appropriate, attributable, traceable, transparent, and trustworthy data captured in the different PMWeb project management processes by the right team member correct format the proper sequence. Nevertheless, when it comes to formally reporting those KPIs to other stakeholders, the project manager needs to confirm that he/she agrees with those KPIs as well as provide an explanation of the reported KPIs values in a narrative format that senior stakeholders can understand the implication of the reported KPIs values on the project’s successful delivery.

PMWeb, a custom form builder, will create a form that formalizes the submission of the project’s key performance indicators. The form will include a field to identify the reported performance period, project manager name, project control system (PCS) manager/engineer name, and the particulars of the project. Also, for each KPI, the form will include a field to add the reported KPI score value. The project control manager will add the calculated values for each KPI and an area to provide the reported performance details. The form can also be used as an interim solution if the organization did not implement the complete PMWeb processes to calculate those values or depend on a third party providing the score values of those KPIs. In this case, the organization can use this form to provide the data needed for the monthly capital project performance dashboard. 

PMWeb 7 Scheduling Forms KPI Narrative Report Details for the Monthly Capital Project Performance

The form attachment tab will be used to attach supportive documents used to calculate the reported KPI values. This will be a must requirement when the reported performance KPIs are not calculated by PMWeb. This would require uploading and storing the project’s safety report, cost report, updated schedule, NCR log, Issues Log, progress photographs among others into PMWeb document management repository and then attach to the KPI Narrative Report form. This will ensure that the reported KPIs performance values are auditable. It is highly recommended that a folder is created for each reported progress period to ensure that all supportive documents for reported performance period is properly organized and can be easily accessed and reviewed.

PMWeb 7 Scheduling Forms KPI Narrative Report Details Files Lookup

The KPI Narrative Report form will have a pre-assigned workflow to ensure that the reports are formally reviewed and approved as detailed in the project management procedures. The customs form can be configured to enable each team member to provide the KPI score data assigned to him or her. This will further enforce accountability in reporting the KPI performance score values.

PMWeb 7 Workflow Setup Workflow 
Business Processes (BPM) for the Monthly Capital Project Performance

By having the formally approved progress data submitted for the current progress period, PMWeb can be used to create the project monthly performance report. The report will display the score values for KPI for the current period in the format of a tachometer and the narrative provided by the project manager or any other assigned project team member to give the report reader an insight into the KPI performance. Since PMWeb will capture and store the KPI score values for all progress periods, a three-month trend chart can also be added for KPI. The trend chart will show the pre-agreed performance tolerance levels as green for good performance, cyan for average performance, and red for unfavorable performance. At the summary level of the progress report, which will display the monthly capital Project Performance Index KPI, the report could display the geospatial location of the project on the ESRI map and the progress photographs for the current period.

PMWeb 7 Monthly Capital Project Performance Status Report


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